We want you in our IT team in Leipzig / Plagwitz

Read first  about Leipzig Plagwitz : http://www.spiegel.de/international/zeitgeist/leipzig-is-the-new-berlin-a-863088.html

Students from various disciplines sought . We are looking for graduate students who wish to do an internship, working for example for the BPS (  Hands on traing semester ) , while studying,  or want to write their thesis or dissertation thesis with us.
We currently offer the following :

1. Internships

eg for the BPS semester of practical work experience, internship – in the fields of computer science, business, media design, business administration, information science

1.1. Internships Topic Server / Search Engines

The Topic Server / Search Engine – project relies on existing and well-known open source projects such as Lucene ( http :/ / lucene apache org /.. )
Nutch ( http :/ / nutch. apache. org / ) and Solr ( http :/ / lucene. apache. org / solr / ) on.
They are written primarily in Java (depending on the nature of the project can be used in addition Ruby or PHP).

Lucene is the leading tool for cutting and editing of document-based knowledge systems. Nutch as a framework that integrates Lucene to enable the extraction of data from inter-and intra networks. Ultimately, the data gathered and used Solr provides a framework for direct query.

This Java ecosystem will now form the basis, in order to provide search results in a defined, discrete domain area.

1.1.2. The following skills are desirable:
– Programming experience at least a functional language can be provided, preferably Java.
– Programming experience in web development are desirable
– Good Linux / Unix knowledge
– A version control program (preferably Git or Subversion).
– Experience of test-driven Developments are beneficial

. 1.1.3 In principle, the following project areas can be offered:

. Direct front – end web development (mainly JQuery, CSS, HTML5) backend development area.: Design & development of a web front-end for Luke ( http :/ / code. google. com / p / luke / ), aim should be to give users an easier way to direct Lucene index manipulation. Luke is currently only available as a desktop application. To accomplish this, a simplified frontend to be developed (rollback capability). Design & development of a simplified administration web interface for Nutch, also with the aim to give users an easier way to direct manipulation. For example: Lucene maintains changes in XML – file format, these configurations are intended both to be possible via a web interface, as well as a version management of configurations (rollback capability). Infrastructure automation (primarily script based)

Duration: After fitness and consultation
Begin: Immediately / or by appointment
Location: Leipzig
Questions? Call us! Tel:    + 49  341 3928198-10     Mobile:  + 49 157 382 9529 6  
E-mail: Nessler # @ # IP ShareMedia.de

2 Bachelor’s, master’s, thesis

We offer hands-on work issues, see above 1.1. Internships Topic Server / Search Engines. We are interested first of all topics related to intranets and knowledge management. Apply initiative with a description like the idea of ​​your diploma theme, or your Bachelor’s Master’s thesis or dissertation. Interest? – Contact details below!