OS CodeCity : Software Systems as Cities

CodeCity, is a  a free 3D software visualization tool, he,  the author Richard Wettel earned his  Ph.D. in Informatics at the University of Lugano, in Michele Lanza’s group. Website  www.inf.usi.ch/phd/wettel/ .

110207 : My comment on slideshare , where you can check his slides :

“Very good approach ! City >> SW We are just about to outline a project the other way around City >> SW >> City to gain – improve citizen  participation . Have a look at
http://www.slideshare.net/IPBuilding/2050-frankfurt-greencity –
Thanks for sharing – Feedback most welcome.

Here  the outline of our planned Frankfurt using  SW >> City – participation with different partners – contibuting to the visions of 2050

Having had just short briefings and presentations, we are happy that 3 universities, not only from the the greater Frankfurt Rhein Main Region joined and we are still open – yes trying to do real interdisciplinary applied R & D work.  So CU within the project ? Here  our contacts

2050-frankfurt-greencity – Crowdsourcing und Bürgerbeteiligung Projekt

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