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A new, innovative way in regional and international marketing to identify, monitor or  display – adverise  e.g. products, services, market niches,  potential customers, competitors as well as business opportunities is  renting services  ( Online Software – SaaS ) applying  semantics, VitosBee Topic Server.

Use database AND dataspace ?

The name of our online server software “Topic Server VitosBee”  is derived from the concept of Topic Maps, “a standard for the representation and interchange of knowledge, with an emphasis on the findability of information. [ 1 ]”  and our unique IP-ShareMedia approach to use semantics within the RDF concept, thus fullfilling the increasing demand to merge and enrich structered  ( e.g.:  your CRM  database ) and semi-structured data ( dataspace e.g. the web, your company´s terrabites of data – somewhere in your intranet  ). This in order to identify, monitor or on the other hand – display – adverise  e.g. products, services, market niches,  potential customers, competitors and business opportunities.  So we serve this aims, applying sucessfully  VitosBee Topic Server.

Interdisciplinary dialogs enable innovation and solutions

As to Topic Maps we are thankful to Professor Dr. Lutz Maicher ( , formerly  Universität Leipzig ) As to semantics , RDF and his  interdisciplinary approach, allways important for us,  to Professor Dr. Hans-Gert Graebe ( ).

Not to forget our diligent CTO Patrick Kirsch, our insisting GUI Designer Rico Krafft and the  IP-ShareMedia team working hard to serve regional, national and international customers.

Bees search, monitor and collect in hetorogene  enviroments, pollinate – so not only take, but give, and coming back to their folks, their beehive,  they communicate in order to share information on their findings! This is basically what our VitoBee Topic Server  as standalone or within a Peer to Peer ( P2P  ) ring ( let me name this “Topic Grouping” ), contributing to the semantic web,  does.

VitosBee Topic Servers are boosting marketing and sales e.g.  in

1. IP-GreenMobility Looking for new customers? Or checking your competitors? Try here the largest EU reference database and market intelligence monitoring service for sustainable mobility with focus on markets, sales and customers. Info flyer

2. online tourism, travel business and in other fields of international marketing, will be found here a blog maintained by our expert and consultant Dr. Lars Göhler.

3. “Energy” Infrastructure and building technology Business Intelligence, focused to identify, monitor or display potential customers and projects, competitors as well as business opportunities.