Net Neutrality in Europe

[PM] . There was a long and hard for real Net Neutrality protections in the United States. Now, Europe is facing a new threat to the open Internet. The European Commission and European Council want to adopt a rule that they claim protects online openness. But there’s a problem: The proposed rule would allow Internet providers to create fast lanes for companies they like and slow ones for everyone else.

Demand Real Net Neutrality in Europe.

If passed as is the ruling would allow providers to discriminate between different types of customers and different types of online content. Only companies that can afford to pay more would have easy access to Internet users — killing the openness that is the lifeblood of the Internet.

The ruling is the result of a bad corporate compromise that fails to protect Internet users from online filtering and censorship. It hands far too much power to the handful of private companies that control access while threatening every user’s rights to connect and communicate.

To fix the rule Free Press’ allies in Europe have created an action page at But time is running out.

Tell the European Parliament to make real Net Neutrality the rule of the road across the EU.

There are only four days left before Parliament votes in Brussels. We need you to take action today to protect an open Internet for everyone.

Tim, Dutch and the rest of the Free Press team