Be part of it – Sharing Topic Data Capital, with whom YOU prefer!

One of the resources we humans have , each of us in his beloved topics, is knowledge, know how – short data in a given context [ 1 ] . This is capital, if shared it will increase, is a proven fact.

Since years we, a informal group of reformer, AnStifter, promotor, programmer, institutions like universities, are initiating activities, talks, forums, seminars, political discussions – providing all sorts of platforms [ examples – use links below [ 2 ] ] to spread the above fact.

As of today, we ask YOU to be part in our common activities and goals.

  1. To contribute to the socio-political consciousness of the above. This as teacher, influencer, politician, author, or wherever you stand and are. We must stop to teach the socioeconomic principles of the Goliaths, be a David to uplift public welfare, the commons and self-efficacy [ 3 ]
  1. To contribute to the toolset , the open source project “VitosBee – a component based framework for sharing knowledge, information and data capital within topic context [ 1 ] , already standing on the shoulders of thousands – coder, programmer, hacker, information scientists, librarians and technicians [ 7 ]. YOU, being one of the Davids, confronted with Goliath [ 4 ] we promoting Faktor 4 in the digital realm [ 5 ]

How can we get organised, finetune the approach and concept, together ?

As a first step we set up a dialogue, idears and workflow tool, using the intuitive “Trello” online software. Secondly we will offer 2 hours seminars, starting in Leipzig on Monday the 13th of May. Asking YOU to do the same in other places, helping others a bit to enjoy this free online tool. [ 6 ]

As a second step we will organise innovation meetings and networks for “sharing data capital” , with both above listed contributer groups together.

Don’t hesitate to send me, the initiating lead speaker, Georg von Nessler de Nesle , for any question or information , a WhatsApp via +49 157 38 295 296.

Links to partners, teacher, resources, citations and inspirations within the activities of our IP-Group

[ 1 ] Professor Dr Stefan Gradmann, Leuven

Video: Keynote “Viel Information ist nicht genug!

[ 2 ] Professor Dr Hans Gerd Gräbe, Leipzig

[ 3 ] Dipl. Psychologe, Reformpädagoge Otto Herz, Bielefeld und Leipzig

Video: Nicht Unter-richten, sondern AUF-richten!

[ 4 ] Professor Dr Günter Faltin, Berlin

Video: Wir sind das Kapital – Wege zu einer intelligenteren Ökonomie.

[ 5 ] Professor Dr Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker

[ 6 ] The first workshop on our Project tool

[ 7 ] People, friends , Associations, Supporter with nearby cause. Free Software Foundation Europe Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V.
CCC and more in Leipzig