Brain versus Capital. David versus Goliath. Be a David in our VitosBee Open Source community!

The Goliaths in #search and #online marketing don’t even pay taxes. Let us all be Davids together.

I strongly believe that it is possible and necessary, by a international community of Davids, to be better than the Goliaths, the #monopolies in search and #retail trade. How? This by step by step setting up a grid, map of interconnected decentralised, uncensored shareing network of search engines, analog to eg #Open Streetmap or #Wikipedia, #digital ecosystems and #commons.

Join in, spread the vision, contribute to VitosBee project. Let it be our common, Gemeinwohl, cause. The #Components are available! Let us feel the feeling of #togetherness – #Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl in this common cause and will. Contact Georg von Nessler de Nesle via WhatsApp +49 157 38 295 296 or mail

#photo: Prof Dr Günter Faltin’s newest book… a must #read