Minister of State Martin Dulig took the patronage of VitosBee.

Photo: Georg Nessler de Nesle, Toralf Zinner and Frank Lemloh of the IP Gruppe in exchange with Minister of State Martin Dulig and Deputy Prime Minister of Saxony on the topics of fair trade and services in #internet. That evening the Minister of State thankfully took over the patronage of the our year project #VitosBee

The Open Mind* , OpenSource- and Open Data Project…

… is focused on regions. Pilot projects are planned in Grünhain-Beierfeld, Zschopau and in a Mobilbus. These are designed, among others, as places of learning. The aim is to strengthen regional, local players in retail, trade business, local authorities and social institutions. To support media literacy and digital education is a further dimension.

A special focus is to promote local competitiveness…

… of stationary SMEs and NPOs which suffer by unfairness and lack of know how in #Onlineshopping and Digital Services, being significant drawbacks. #VitosBee is developed by analysing, innovative concepts and the implementation providing assistance to regional self-help. The concept draws on some of the ideas created in the 19th and 20th centuries #cooperative movement [ #Genossenschaftsbewegung ], which revolutionized purchasing and procurement structures.

Today it is in contrast to the 20th century, necessary to compete with the dominant giants of the Internet, to have new collective marketing [ #Absatz ] – sales, distribution networks, platforms and systems.

Short – “David against Goliath”.

A book having this title and its author Prof Dr Guenter Faltin, Berlin, is member, among others, of the VitosBee Advisory Board. He is a source of inspiration and agile pilot at the same time.

Join in as well, be part of the project!

Here your direct contact to the project lead :

Georg Nessler de Nesle
+49 157 38 295 296

Dipl.-Ing. Toralf Zinner
+ 49 172 7929312

* There is the will to support and grant the project by different families, foundations and iniatives in Israel, USA, Germany and Canada. Here to shed light on the fact of the very important, prominent role of Jewish families, contributing not only to the industrialisation of Saxony. This as a major subproject, decided by the so called “second generation of eyewitnesses” of the German fascist terror system. “Rembering a future” “Zukunft Erinnern” Refer to :