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VitosBee Scanner Meldung: Onlinehandel – Stationärer Handel.

eBay eröffnet in England einen “Pop up-Store” für vier Wochen mit 40 kleinen Einzelhändlern. Gedacht ist er als Iniative zur Revitalisierung, Stützung des stationären Handels. Verschlafen wir wieder einen Versuch der Goliaths ihre schon immense Marktmacht auch in anderen Marktsegmenten auszubauen ?

Die Reihe “VitosBee Scanner Meldung” – zu ökonomischen, sozialen und ökologischen Innovationen – soll hier in unregelmäßigen Abständen einen Beitrag leisten. VitosBee Scanner Meldung: Onlinehandel – Stationärer Handel. weiterlesen

Be part of it – Sharing Topic Data Capital, with whom YOU prefer!

One of the resources we humans have , each of us in his beloved topics, is knowledge, know how – short data in a given context [ 1 ] . This is capital, if shared it will increase, is a proven fact.

Since years we, a informal group of reformer, AnStifter, promotor, programmer, institutions like universities, are initiating activities, talks, forums, seminars, political discussions – providing all sorts of platforms [ examples – use links below [ 2 ] ] to spread the above fact.

As of today, we ask YOU to be part in our common activities and goals.

  1. To contribute to the socio-political consciousness of the above. This as teacher, influencer, politician, author, or wherever you stand and are. We must stop to teach the socioeconomic principles of the Goliaths, be a David to uplift public welfare, the commons and self-efficacy [ 3 ]
  1. To contribute to the toolset , the open source project “VitosBee – a component based framework for sharing knowledge, information and data capital within topic context [ 1 ] , already standing on the shoulders of thousands – coder, programmer, hacker, information scientists, librarians and technicians [ 7 ]. YOU, being one of the Davids, confronted with Goliath [ 4 ] we promoting Faktor 4 in the digital realm [ 5 ]

How can we get organised, finetune the approach and concept, together ?

As a first step we set up a dialogue, idears and workflow tool, using the intuitive “Trello” online software. Secondly we will offer 2 hours seminars, starting in Leipzig on Monday the 13th of May. Asking YOU to do the same in other places, helping others a bit to enjoy this free online tool. [ 6 ]

As a second step we will organise innovation meetings and networks for “sharing data capital” , with both above listed contributer groups together.

Don’t hesitate to send me, the initiating lead speaker, Georg von Nessler de Nesle , for any question or information , a WhatsApp via +49 157 38 295 296.

Links to partners, teacher, resources, citations and inspirations within the activities of our IP-Group

[ 1 ] Professor Dr Stefan Gradmann, Leuven

Video: Keynote “Viel Information ist nicht genug!

[ 2 ] Professor Dr Hans Gerd Gräbe, Leipzig

[ 3 ] Dipl. Psychologe, Reformpädagoge Otto Herz, Bielefeld und Leipzig

Video: Nicht Unter-richten, sondern AUF-richten!

[ 4 ] Professor Dr Günter Faltin, Berlin

Video: Wir sind das Kapital – Wege zu einer intelligenteren Ökonomie.

[ 5 ] Professor Dr Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker

[ 6 ] The first workshop on our Project tool

[ 7 ] People, friends , Associations, Supporter with nearby cause. Free Software Foundation Europe Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V.
CCC and more in Leipzig